Painting: “Purple Iris” — Fast and Loose Exercise

First painting class of 2017! We did an exercise in painting fast and loose; the teacher had a subject she’d pulled from the web, but I had a flower picture from a few years ago I wanted to try instead.

The exercise was to keep things loose and move fast, something a lot of us have problems doing. It was as much an exercise in stepping away and stop touching the painting with the brush, stop trying to perfect things.

I liked the process and the exercise, even if I’m not all that pleased with the result. I really need to practice doing this more. I think I should have used much juicier paint, what I was using was too dry, I think.



  • Arches 140lb Cold Press 9×12 block


  • Andy’s green (Payne’s grey and Quin Gold) – background
  • Winsor Red
  • Cobalt Blue Violet
  • Sap Green
  • Winsor Yellow
  • Some purplish mixture in my palette that I can’t recall the provenance of


  • Dreamcatcher #14 round
  • Dreamcatcher #10 round