Vase and Flowers

Another vase and flowers image. This was fun to do. I love the way things came out, but I’d also prefer them to have a bit more depth of value. Everything sort of flattened out when it dried down. I do like the way the vase turned out as well. I’ve always been a little scared of doing glass, but I think I got it okay here.

Painting Class Day July 12, 2017

source image for painting project
The source image

The original image had this dreamy quality, which I wanted to try to replicate.

Sketch for painting
Sketch outlines of objects for the painting
Background elements painted, and foreground shadow
Background and foreground shadow

Using a mixture of cobalt blue, cobalt blue violet and winsor violet for the background, keeping it as light as possible, and letting it swirl and mingle on the paper. This went in wet-on-wet to really good effect. The shadow area in front of the vase similarly went in wet-on-wet with cobalt blue above fading into raw sienna. Keeping the white space was important — I left it dry so the paint wouldn’t run into it.

Test painting to see how colours mix
Mixing colours test

I wasn’t sure what colours to use for the the blossoms, i tried both aureolin and new gamboge with permanent rose. Both seem to work. The interesting parts were where the new gamboge on top of the permanent rose started to repel the perm. rose! But after they dried down, they were both good choices, so I used both below.

Blossoms painted in
Blossoms painted in

Filling in some of the blossoms.

Painted in more details, image is of painting while still wet
Lots of details, still wet

Adding in a lot of the stems, shadows, little reflections and so on. This was a lot of fun.

Painting when everything is dry
Painting with everything dried down

Same as the previous, but all dried down, and on the wall for the class critique.

Painting Class Day July 19, 2017

Not much left to do on this one, but a few details that needed some attention.

Vase and Flowers painting, signed
Vase and Flowers, final version, signed

Some shadow work, a little cleanup on the wall, adding some depth. Final version, signed.

Vase and Flowers, cropped and straightened, final, signed painting
Cropped and Straightened, final, signed painting

Same image as above, but straightened up and cropped using Pixelmator.



  • Arches 140lb cold press block 9×12


  • Winsor Violet
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Aureolin
  • New Gamboge
  • Permanent Rose
  • Sap Green
  • Winsor Green
  • Raw Sienna


  • #10 Round Dreamcatcher
  • #4 Round Dreamcatcher