Lake Landscape

A new week in class, and the highlight of my week. We got a new brush (some of us) that’s made to painter Alvaro Castagnet’s specifications. It’s a fat bulb at the bottom tapering to a very fine point. This hold a lot of water, while giving you a lot of control over the paint. This brush was amazing fun to use today.

The Brush

The Needle Point Brush is available to buy from Alvaro’s Website. It was amazingly inexpensive, but definitely not a cheap brush at $40.

It has a sort of ball or bulb of bristles at the bottom of the brush that holds a lot of water. It quickly tapers to a long needle brush, like a rigger. The ability to control the paint with this brush is simply amazing.

Alvaro Castagnet brush
Alvaro Castagnet brush


The Point

The point on Alvaro's Needle Brush
The point on Alvaro’s Needle Brush


Practicing with the new brush

Practicing with the new brush
Practicing with the new brush

I spent some time practicing with the new brush. It is so much fun! Being able to dance around to make trees: the leaves and such were made by pushing the brush and dancing it about to get a lacy effect. Then the branches were made holding the brush vertically. Such fun!


The painting

For this week, Linda chose a landscape for us to paint that one of her friends took (I can’t remember the locaion). The original was in upright or “portrait” mode, but I, rebellious as I am, turned it sideways and painted it in horizontal or “landscape” mode.


I think I’m pretty well done with it, I’ll just sign it and finish it off.



Last week I used the Prang set, this week I dug out the Qor colours, which have much brighter and more saturated pigments.

  • Hansa Yellow
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Quin Gold Deep
  • Hansa Red
  • Permanent Rose Deep
  • French Ultramarine
  • Veridian Green
  • Payne’s Grey
  • Phthalo Blue


  • Dreamcatcher #14 round
  • Dreamcatcher #10 round
  • Alvaro Needle Point


  • Arches Aquarelle 140lb cold press 9×12 block