Watercolour painting of a still life

still life

Last project, “Still Life with Maurice” was really a practice project for this latest one, a more serious still life.

This project took a couple weeks, and was really a lot of fun doing. As you can see, I took a huge departure from the original photo in a fit of artistic license. I guess I had the image I wanted in my head already.

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  • cobalt blue (bottle)
  • phthalo blue (plate rim and inner decor)
  • french ultramarine (vase decor, shaddows)
  • aureolin (cobalt yellow) (flowers)
  • new gamboge (flowers)
  • sap green mixed with aureolin (grapes), quin magenta glazing for shading
  • quin burnt orange, quin gold (mug)
  • payne’s grey (walls)
  • perm. rose and something else (table cloth)
  • cobalt violet, chromatic black (fr. ultra + qbo) (shading, shadows, stems)


  • Dreamcatcher: #14, #10, #4
  • Alvaro point brush


  • Arches 140lb cold press 9×12 block

This is how it might look matted

Final, tight crop, black inner mat, white outer mat
Final, tight crop, black inner mat, white outer mat