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Problem With Monteverde Intima Glacier Blue Pen *FIXED!*

UPDATE: Wed Sep 21 09:16:12 2016 – I got a replacement pen!

I wrote Goulet Pens customer service asking about this problem, wanting to know what to do about it. They wrote back letting me know that it might be a problem with the manufacturing and told me to contact Yafa, the distributors for Monnteverde. I did so, and happy ending time: Yafa is sending me a new pen!

Thanks to Clara at Yafa and Kelsi at Goulet for all the help.

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New watercolour markers

I obtained a set of Winsor Newton Watercolour Markers, their 6-pack, and tried them out on a number of papers to see how they perform. Perhaps no surprise, but the smoother the paper, given enough weight, the better they perform.

I particularly like how the work on the smooth Stillman & Birn papers, expecially the gamma (vellum), epsilon, and zeta. The Tamoe River paper was very nice. I also very much enjoyed the performance on plain old printer paper. Continue reading New watercolour markers