“Bruce, the Aussie Dog”

Last week and this was another quick study, this time of a very cute Australian shepherd (we think). I don’t know what its name is, so I decided it was a Bruce.

The fuzziness was what we were after, and that happened with wetting the paper, then painting in the background, leaving space for the dog, and letting the pigment bleed in, leaving the fuzzy edges.

While the paper was still wet, we also dropped in some quin burnt orange, raw sienna, and some chromatic black for the colouring on the dog’s fur, while still keeping everything nice and fuzzy.

This week I finished up by darkening the background a bit more, and adding in the eyes, nose, and mouth, finishing it off with some white gouache for the spectral highlights in the eyes, and the two white dots on its nose.

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The Old Mill, in the style of Andy Evansen

From a picture provided by our teacher, we painted after watching local Minnesota watercolourist Andy Evansen‘s video Andy Evansen: Secrets of Painting Watercolor Outdoors. In the video, Andy tells us: “Get in and get out” as well as a lot of other really great advice.

Following a few weeks of doing fast and loose painting of flowers, I was set to try this on a landscape.

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Practicing Fast and Loose

This week’s class was more practice painting fast and loose. We did two pictures instead of the usual one, because we were so dang fast!

These images are copies of another artist’s paintings, and as such these are not original work in any way. We’re learning, and I wish to make certain no one thinks anything more of these than that.

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