big sur coast


This painting was pretty fun. I have been to Big Sur on the California coast many times, and seen many views like this. Familiar, and thoughts of home.

I began this painting towards the end of last week’s class, May 25th, 2016. There were two classes this week, a makeup class May 31st, and our regular class, June 1st (today), so I had lots of time to work on this painting in a fairly short period of time. Our teacher is so generous to let us make up missed classes. Continue reading big sur coast

walk in the woods

Update 4/21: Finished the painting by giving the figures some shadow to stand upon, and gave some of the trees a bit of gouache.

Update: Second week in class on this painting. I sort of fumbled on the dog, which turned into a large fluffy cat-leopard, sorta…

Last week in class, we started a new painting, of a man walking his dog in the woods. Our task was to “edit” the picture, choosing our own focal point for the image. I’m liking what I’ve done so far. This is still very much a work in progress. Continue reading walk in the woods