walk in the woods

Update 4/21: Finished the painting by giving the figures some shadow to stand upon, and gave some of the trees a bit of gouache.

Update: Second week in class on this painting. I sort of fumbled on the dog, which turned into a large fluffy cat-leopard, sorta…

Last week in class, we started a new painting, of a man walking his dog in the woods. Our task was to “edit” the picture, choosing our own focal point for the image. I’m liking what I’ve done so far. This is still very much a work in progress. Continue reading walk in the woods

New watercolour markers

I obtained a set of Winsor Newton Watercolour Markers, their 6-pack, and tried them out on a number of papers to see how they perform. Perhaps no surprise, but the smoother the paper, given enough weight, the better they perform.

I particularly like how the work on the smooth Stillman & Birn papers, expecially the gamma (vellum), epsilon, and zeta. The Tamoe River paper was very nice. I also very much enjoyed the performance on plain old printer paper. Continue reading New watercolour markers

Flex Pen Friday: A Full Moon Poem

Someone has declared Fridays to be #FlexPenFriday, not that I can find that on the major social networks (only 10 on Instagram). Anyway, it’s Saturday night instead of Friday, but this is my #FlexPenFriday offering anyway. 🙂

My sister, Ruth Temple, wrote a couple poems back in 2011 for the Full Moon Poetry Society. This one is a wonderful homage to Walter Carlos Williams’s poem This is Just to Say only about Moon words instead of plums. Just as delicious.

Continue reading Flex Pen Friday: A Full Moon Poem