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lakeside landscape

Lakeside Landscape

We started this painting on November 29th, 2017, and I finished it in today’s class, December 6th. It went pretty quickly, despite there being a lot of layers, and interesting bits here and there. I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

November 29th Session


December 6th, second session

Final Version

(Coming soon)



  • Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow)
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Sap Green
  • Sap Green and Permanent Rose mixed for deep greens
  • Quin Burnt Orange
  • French Ultramarine
  • Cobalt Red
  • Chromatic Black (Quin Burnt Orange and French Ultramarine)


  • Arches Aquarelle 140lb cold press 9×12 block


  • Dreamcatcher #14 round
  • Dreamcatcher #10 round
  • Dreamcatcher #4 round
  • Alvaro Castagnet needle point brush #8

The Old Mill, in the style of Andy Evansen

From a picture provided by our teacher, we painted after watching local Minnesota watercolourist Andy Evansen‘s video Andy Evansen: Secrets of Painting Watercolor Outdoors. In the video, Andy tells us: “Get in and get out” as well as a lot of other really great advice.

Following a few weeks of doing fast and loose painting of flowers, I was set to try this on a landscape.

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Amy and Rick and Lighthouse

I finished this last week after working on it for a month while in San Jose, California. I got to work with my friend, Edna Wendes, who is a fabulous watercolourist and teacher. I had so much fun in her class with the other students.

The story of this painting is also a bit different. It’s a picture from my friend Amy’s wedding of she and her husband in a stunning embrace flanked by a white lighthouse, as you can tell in the source photo. I walked into their living room and was just absolutely stunned by the photo. I begged Amy to let me paint it, it was such a stunning visual.

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storm clearing over farm

I started this painting way long ago, and had only been able to mask the buildings. Then I stopped going to painting classes for a while. A few weeks ago, my mom and I had a painting session where I worked on this. Today, I attended the class of one of my favourite watercolourists, Edna Windes, and she gave me more advice and pointers, so I finished the piece.

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big sur coast


This painting was pretty fun. I have been to Big Sur on the California coast many times, and seen many views like this. Familiar, and thoughts of home.

I began this painting towards the end of last week’s class, May 25th, 2016. There were two classes this week, a makeup class May 31st, and our regular class, June 1st (today), so I had lots of time to work on this painting in a fairly short period of time. Our teacher is so generous to let us make up missed classes. Continue reading big sur coast