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Copy of Fealing Lin’s “Iris” Portrait

We made a copy of Fealing Lin’s “Iris” portrait as a class exercise.

We are Using staining colours, as we want them to stay on the paper as we paint over them. Winsor Red, Yellow, and Blue (I’m using Phthalo Blue instead of Winsor brand – same paint, different maker.) I am basicly layering up.

We’re using very wet paper. Linda soaked hers front and back, and then put it on a wet piece of gatorboard.

Paints were “juicy” – wet and full of pigment.

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storm clearing over farm

I started this painting way long ago, and had only been able to mask the buildings. Then I stopped going to painting classes for a while. A few weeks ago, my mom and I had a painting session where I worked on this. Today, I attended the class of one of my favourite watercolourists, Edna Windes, and she gave me more advice and pointers, so I finished the piece.

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